Where to Play Golf in Franklin NC and Western North Carolina
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It was New Years Eve 2009, I was gathering up my drumming gear and heading over to Mill Creek Country Club in Franklin NC., to play a gig with "THE IMPOSTERS" at the famed golf community. Needless to say, the weather was unusually cold, rainy and icy and I wasn't feeling very well either. Actually, I was feeling horrible, flu symptoms, weak, and extra cold, but "The Show Must Go On". 

  I was thankful that my real estate listing appointment was in Mill Creek too and that I could kill two birds with one stone, and finally rest up for the evenings festivities. As I backed up to unload my drums, I realized I must be directly on the golf course because to my surprise, there in the sleet, and cold were some grown men hustling up the snow covered hill with their large bags in tow! I thought to myself, surely they aren't playing golf in this weather, they must be green keepers or something but no, my first hunch was correct.  These were "dyed in the wool" all weather Golfers, fanatics or lunatics! 

  As a child, I would observe my father coming home from the golf course and instead of bringing all his clubs back with him, there were always a few missing from his bag... Hmmm, I wondered, did he sell them? And he always came home from playing golf acting like an angry Elf, cursing and swearing that he'd never go again. Many years later my mother told me that the "missing clubs" were either in the water traps resting sweetly at the bottom, or stuck up in the palm trees enjoying the balmy breezes at the various golf courses that my father would visit.
I thought to myself that games are meant to be fun, but this one, golf, seems to get everyone who trys their hand at it to become borderline psychos!! Once, because of business etiquette, I allowed myself to be coaxed into participating with my colleagues at a "driving range" where I unabashedly swung and missed at least 50 balls before I threw my first club into the air where it disappeared forever!! Ah, Dad, how am I doing?? "Good, Sonny Boy", I could imagine him saying!

Enough of the reminiscing, let me get to the point here, golf is not for me. And I'm happy for you if you love it. As a matter of fact I'm going to supply you with some golfing destinations in the Western NC area and Franklin NC, where you can swing till your arms fall off or you throw all your clubs to the wind... I know.. I know.. to you it's fun and I'm still trying to understand it... Be patient with me..  I can't be your golf pro, or help you with new gear, but I can help you with your obsession in a different way. My expertise is to outfit you in a beautiful Mill Creek Golf Villa or Custom Golf Course Home so you don't have to waste time traveling to your "Happy Place", you can LIVE THERE!

   Next time you're in Franklin NC and you have a "jones" for golf.. remember, "What your "score" is in Franklin, stays in Franklin" But please, take your clubs with you!




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